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CD changer- AUX in problem

nvc Dec 21, 2009

  1. nvc

    nvc Registered User

    hi there

    I bought one of this, connects 2 for my a3, 06reg


    when I got it today, find out it won't fit in my Head Unit
    the cables on the HU look like this


    the diagram on the HU


    here is the little box

    so the question is,

    have I bought a wrong one ?

    and if I get the one bellow , where should I plug it in ? seems all the socket has been taken

    could anyone shed some light please? thanks a lot
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  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Active Member

    Yes, that's the quadlock one for later Audi's. Your 06 should be quadlock but there seems to be a big crossover between ISO and quadlock vehicles, I've seen 05 models with quadlock and 06 with ISO, but that's Audi for you.
    So the one above is correct as it's an ISO fitment. The red plug on the adapter plugs into the 20 pin mini ISO on the Audi loom (the one on the right in your pic), then the other end goes into the HU. The Connects2 should have a passthrough on it by the look of the picture so you won't lose the DIS feed or the feed to the rear amp.

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