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some typical brain out combe track day 'action'



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Best track day I ever went to was at CCoombe, with "Club 89". They made a rule to only allow overtaking on the left hand side, and that if you were caught by a faster car, you had to move right so they could pass, or were excluded..! It worked perfectly tbh

Then I went back to the CCC action day a year later......OMFG, it was carnage! They said overtake on the right, like it is on the road, so no one is confused....!! WTF, evey corner had eejusts flying up the inside, then going off! I started off mid pack first session, it was carnage, so dropped back still carnage! Next section I flew out of the paddock about 7th car, and hacked my way past the main field to be in some nice clear space, third car out, with a 500hp cossie track car and Ultima Sports up front and sufficient pace to not have any hassle from behind....!
Second lap, coming onto the start finsih straight I saw the cossie try to shuv it up the inside of the ultima, and they crashed, hit the wall and bouced back into the track. I had to go accross the grass by like 20 metres on the inside to avoid it all!
3rd session, I came round through old paddock hill bend, (before the chicane so scary as hell) up behind some eejut in a Supra turbo, (to lap him). he clearly did not like having a mk2 golf lapping him, so went through old paddock hill about 15mph faster than the lap before, lost the back end, and tank slapped up the straight, with me taking to the outside grass to avoid him at over 100mph, abut 8ft from the tyres..! He eventualy span off thankfully onto the infield, and did not come my way.

I went home after that session, the number of crappy cars that just underteered off, or hit the tyres at massive speed. I am surprised no one has been killed on these muppet days.

Bring back the on tack driving CLUBS where you know the people who are out there, where there is PROPER scruiteneering and proper insurance, tuition and rules.

Some of them crashes are so avoidable its untrue!


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No track days for me then:crying:


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that guy was very lucky he did not get hit by the 1 series ....some real bad driving there all braking and taking there foots off the gas on the corner

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track days with reputable companies like book a track, easytrack etc are well managed.
AVOID like the plague Castle Combe track days advertised as "Action Days" as these are more free for all, pile em in and take their ££ and watch the carnage ensue. Gives track days a bad name.

and people wonder why Combe is on the excluded list on several track insurance companies.. go figure.

coming up in august is VAG track day which is always well run. book on line and save 10% also

I'm booked to be there.

noddy tt

Just a wee suggestion,why not advertise a good body repair company on those tyres 'cos it looks like they get more hits than most internet sites,or better still just put an oversised gravel trap there to reduce the carnage,call me boring but i just love a smoothe body;)