CarGiant - Should i buy from them? Good and Bad experiences please?


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Nov 4, 2009
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I have seen this advertised and seriously thinking about about trading my A4 in for this, mainly because i'm looking for something with alittle less milage than my A4 has:
2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDi S-Line Sportbacko just wanted to know whether anyone else has bought from CarGiant and what experiences you have had, i have heard some real horror stories about these car super markets?
Haven't had any problems myself and had a couple of cars from them. They do turn them round quite quickly so it might be worth checking they still have it but from my experience they are pretty good at keeping their website upto date. The only problem is there is no haggling, the price you see is the price you pay, and the test drive isn't as extensive as some would like. On the plus side due to the number of cars and the size of the site you shouldn't have someone jumping on you as soon as you start looking at a car so you can have a good look round without too much hassle, the downside of this is the salesman might not know too much about what you are buying (which can be a plus if you have done your homework, picked up a merc which didn't have comand or keyless go listed as options....)
My story is a little more cautionary...

All the way back in 2004 when I was a wee ASN-nipper, I was looking to buy an 8L A3. They'd listed one on the trader which looked pretty fair. I called them to confirm spec/condition/history and availability, and as I was assured about everything, stated I'd go down on the train (from Preston) the following day with a view to giving it a quick check and driving it away.

When we arrived we enquired about the car. We had a bit of a wait as people went to and fro trying to find it so I could have a look, and then I was told it wasn't ready for viewing - they were still giving it a '200 point check' (or whatever the line was) and valet, and that I should phone in a day or two. I pointed out fairly bluntly that I'd been told the day before that the car was ready, and I'd come by train from Preston based on that information. After a bit of collar-wriggling, the 'senior' chap said they'd take me through to have a look at it.

We walked through two of the enormous warehouse buildings which weren't open to the public, and were just used for storage/prep. That's putting it very carefully (for legal reasons). There were lines of cars, and racks and racks of things like odd wheels, hub caps, wing mirrors, bumpers, seats and other trim; plus what looked (to an untrained but not inexperienced eye) like some rudimentary(/improvised) spray facilities and other garage equipment (along with various mechanical parts). Obviously used cars are often given a spruce-up for sale, but in all honesty, it was on a scale which made me feel a bit uneasy. Anyway, we got to the car...

It was an A3, year/colour/engine as described. After that things got a little less accurate. It was described as being in very good condition inside and out (or words to that effect). Both bumpers were a mess. They needed completely re-spraying, probably with some filler/plastic-welding into the bargain. Overall the paintwork was VERY shabby, requiring touch-ups all over (some, but not all, looked like it might buff out), with significant scuffs on/around the bump-strips etc. The interior was nothing short of a disgrace. The leather was absolutely filthy and scuffed/scratched/split in numerous places. The driver's seat was pretty much a write-off, bolsters split and foam damaged.

Funnily enough, our chaperone didn't have many answers for us, and just explained that there must've been some mistake, and suggesting that he could perhaps speak to his boss to see if there was any room for negotiation. We headed straight back to Euston.

It may well be that I gained an unfair impression of their operation from one bad car, and that they do their utmost to faithfully return cars to the standard they describe, and it could equally be that after all these years their business model is completely different; but whenever I've looked on the trader since, I've automatically (and often reluctantly given what appears to be offered) disregarded anything they're listing.

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Been to a few of these types of car sales operations. All you have to remember is that they are a 2nd hand car salesman on a grand scale. And every trick used by Arthur Daley will be deployed in a search for profit. Most of the cars will be trade in from other garages/main dealers.

I would say you are better off finding a nice private sale, have your own HPI check and AA Inspection. Would be cheaper to buy private, and more likely you will get a car that has been looked after.

That's just my opinion, my mate is a car dealer. I wouldn't buy off him:laugh:
cheers for the advice, you have confirmed my suspisions. Will stay clear and keep looking elsewhere.