Carbon Fiber Wrapping

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap White A3 (8V) wing mirrors?

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A3 8V Chassis
Debating whether to vinyl wrap the A3 (8V) mirror caps with 3M Carbon Fiber wrap.


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I'd leave it; Without black styling pack I think standard or even S mirrrors suit better.


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Been there done that ;)

Here's some pics:

I liked the idea of them, but the fibres shrink after a couple of days (the pull due to the curve of the mirror cap), it became a PITA. The way to get around this is to wrap the mirror in two parts of vinyl. But it can look a little messy.

I gave up in the end and turned to gloss black instead which I think looks better (on red at least and may work on white):



A3 8V Chassis
Thank you all for your feedback / opinions, much appreciated. Looks like the majority prefer standard. So I will keep it how it is (for now)


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I've had my 8p a3 car wrapped in the past and I wouldn't recommend it. The wing mirrors look really messy once they're wrapped, they can't hide where it overlaps. And that's the bit you see when you look at them from inside the car!

An expensive alternative is to get the replacement caps off eBay, over £300 but will look factory good.

Otherwise, leave them alone - they do look fine as they are!


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Why not have the hydro dipped?

Can have your carbon with whatever colour you want over the top. Plus it's all lacquered so it's just like regular paint