Carbon buildup anyone? Calling all diesel gurus..


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I saw a tuning company advertising carbon cleaning for TFSI engines. I must admit the photos of buildup around the valves were insane!

Do diesels also suffer from carbon buildup around the valves or intake manifold? I know the ERG gets clogged up pretty easily, but you can just block that off.

Anyone with some experience here?

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You're right. You see a lot of mention of direct injection petrol engine problems (intake valves) but not modern diesels. I've seen two reasons given:- 1) Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel imposed around 2005 and 2) the high pressure diesel EGR system "steams blasts" the back of the inlet valves with the naturally occurring hot water vapour from the combustion process.


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Was the pics you see tfsi or just fair. The older, bigger fsi lumps suffer. Anything boosted suffers less as the pressure cleans them a bit.

Diesel is clearly turbod and are less reliant on airflow for performance, they are not throttled obviously so always ingest more air than they need.

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Dan burns

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the car in my profile pic is a 1.9tdi, i paid a guy 80pound and he done two half hr sessons at my door along with a diagnostics scan. after the hour were my car was parked it had left a massive black stain on my drive way,he said as he was reving that was all the carbon shooting out the exhaust. ran great,better mpg and nippier