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Car wrapping, anyone on here tried it?

craig32 Aug 5, 2010

  1. S3-Dan

    S3-Dan Quattro

    I do vinyl wrapping but not sure if id wanna do a whole car, was going to do a mates corsa but id take my time as he lives close
    had my wrapping done a while back at chameleon auto graphics before i started doing it myself, good job too, now iv seen a whole S3 in carbon uurgh not my cuppa tea
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  3. Ash B

    Ash B Well-Known Member

    I dont think that S3 looks that bad. But gone over kill on the effect. Think it would of looked better if it had an black optic grill so that gloss finish would break it up a bit, left the red on the S3 logo, left the lower valance the colour it was before and if it had some decent alloys. Think face lift rear lights would be a nice finish with gloss black wing mirrors haha :) Thats just my opinion though

    Hi Craig, i'm having my vehicle fully wrapped just unsure on what colour to go for.
    Yeah phantom black S3 with tints, black grill and lowered on some MTM will look really good.
    But look at i think his name rico with a sprint blue S3 black will and some bbs alloys and dropped now that looks lovely. But obviously if you want it black and as you said a change will stop you getting bored go for it. Thats the only reason im getting my done so i'll keep it a bit longer to save for my new car lol. Let us know how you get on with finding prices.
  4. craig32

    craig32 Member

    Spoke to Totally Dynamic and it seems theres some price variations between franchises but the cheapest I was quoted (without asking for discount) was £1363 for gloss metallic black and £1400 for any grey in matte.

    Racoon came in at £1200 for gloss black metallic and £1450 for matte grey

    Racoon's prices seem to have shot up a good few hundred from what I was quoted about a year ago when I had my A3, shows wrapping must be getting more popular I guess.
  5. craig32

    craig32 Member

    Oh yeah just found a pic of an S3

    This is pretty close to what I'm aiming for, really love this.


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