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Car won't start....?Key

Tiprat Nov 20, 2020

  1. Tiprat

    Tiprat Registered User

    Good evening everyone, so my partner came to start my car today whilst I was at work, and all it would do is turn over, we ran diagnostics, it came up as camshaft sensor sporadic, having just changed the camshaft sensor, she cleared the dtcs and tried again, same thing just turned over.
    She re ran diag, it came up immobilizer, Aircon, steering column electronic, dashboard.
    So having looked at the fault codes it's came up,
    Immobilizer...key-no signal/communication.
    Steering column electronic...anti-theft immobilizer system control module- no communication.
    After I got home I changed the keyfob battery,
    Tried the car again, it still just turned over but didn't start.
    Re did diagnostics and it came up,
    Comfort module...key- no signal/communication.

    Since I only got one keyfob with the car I can't try a spare. Could it be I need a new key/immobilizer coding to the car or is it something else?
    A few years ago I needed a new key for a jaguar X type and got a local key programmer to supply and program it without the car.
    If it's a new key can the people who did the previous key use the duff key again to get everything off it to program the new one, or will he need the car...

    Cheers in advance of any replies.

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