Car windows opening by themselves???


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Hey all,

So something extremely bizarre happened today when I woke up and went to start my car.

All windows were down half open and from when I last remember yesterday night I can pretty much confirm all windows were up and the car was locked -_-

My first thoughts were that someone had tried to break in to the car and steal it. I googled this and found that it was a common issue with some of the older VW's to automatically open the windows if you pressed unlock twice and held it down.

I then tried this with no luck, the windows didn't go down.

Any others had this before?



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Yep, mine did this once, I switched that feature off.


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Thanks for the responses guys.

That's a huge sigh of relief!

Hopefully doesn't happen again -_-


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It's the design of the fob that's the crux here, way too easy to press the buttons inadvertently when in pockets. Someone posted about a 3rd party cover that was available for the previous design that stops this but I can't find it.....