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Car Wash & Detailing Nottingham/Lincolnshire area

shaunwo01 Jun 14, 2019

  1. shaunwo01

    shaunwo01 New Member

    I own the joys of a Black. I try and keep it clean myself as much as possible, but I would really like to give it that extra bit of protection aswell as a real proper clean. I know yums detailing in Mansfield will take it for a few days, clean it properly and layer it in protection but I am just wondering is there's anywhere else in the Nottingham/ Lincolshire area that people recommend looking into.

    Thanks in Advance
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  3. DW81

    DW81 Well-Known Member

    I watch white details on YouTube a lot. One thing I know is that he is based in Lincoln. He would be the only place I would take my car if I was either looking for a detail done to it, and that’s coming from someone based in Essex.
    Watch his videos to see the calibre of cars that he cleans and meticulously details. Customers all over Europe drop there cars of at him, must be something in it
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  4. Bells

    Bells Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue Team Daytona Team V6 Audi S3 Audi S5

    Deepshine Detail in Lincoln are also a good shout, did a great job on my previous S3 and I’ve booked in my new S5 for the same detailing this time around.
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