Car wash damage


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Hi all,

Just looking for some advice regarding where I stand with regards to damage caused to my car at a car wash.

I'd taken it to be washed at a place locally at the weekend there, picking it knowing that they didn't use brushes which I'm not keen on.

Despite that, they did sponge the car and that appears to have been where the damage has been caused as my car is now covered in small scratches, all of which look fresh and all of which follow the same sweeping motions a sponge would.

Granted, they aren't the end of the world, but there's a couple of them which are fairly noticeable at least to me.

Went back tonight but they were just closing up for the night and the boss wasnt around so I've to call back tomorrow.

Just wondering, realistically, what can I expect to come of this? Are these things very much 'at your own risk' or can I expect some sort of comeback??

And before the inevitable 'serves you right for going to these places' reply comes - trust me, if I had the time to hand wash and valet my car myself every week, then I would. I work two jobs totalling 60 hours a week and spend another 20 hours a week commuting. Finding time to cram in a wash isn't an option at the moment so it's either leave the car dirty or keep it at least fairly clean at these kinda places.


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I doubt you will have any comeback,they more than likely dont have liability insurance and the person deemed responsible will be sacked/moved on.
I put a post in the general section about a friends car that was written off recently at a handwash place ,they offered 500.


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I think your chance of any recompense is fairly remote. I'm sure all of these places have notices up somewhere saying that no liability is held for any damage caused whatsoever during vehicle cleaning, albeit these notices are generally fairly obscured from view sometimes. Good luck in trying though! :)


I wouldn't even ask them to polish your car and remove the scratches. If they can't even wash it properly I wouldn't trust them to polish it and fix it for you. I work 42 hour a week... Sunday morning is the only time I get to wash it and I get up 7am to do that... The kids are awake, missus has a lay in so let them sit in the car as they find it fun watching me wash.. Maintenance can be achieved with other products. In my busiest times I have used detailer spray for a ten minute spruce up. When I was ill I used 'taketheweekendoff' and they'd come valet it once a month. You are probably better off looking into a mobile valet service. If you need advice on how to tackle the scratches then the detailing forum is great. These foreign wash places use all sorts of chemicals like highly acidic truck wash to clean alloys. If left on the wheels too long it just eats the clear coat right off. They will drp a sponge on the floor and use it even if it is full of grit and dirt.
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Most car hand wash places have a sign up before you drive in saying that they won't be held responsible for any damage etc etc...

To be honest, don't waste your time, they probably won't care. Just speak to N8 on here. He may be able to recommend some good products for getting lights scratches and swirls out.

Hope that helps


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As has been said mate, very little chance of them paying up, especially as it wasn't pointed out there and then. Plus most of these places are far from legit, would imagine the gaffer is not exactly going to be Mr Friendly.

Can appreciate you not getting much time, but 20 minutes once a fortnight with a bucket and wash mit is a better bet than taking it to these places, wouldn't let them near it.


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put a sock in it, get off your backside and wash the damn car yourself.
or wash it once a month.

What an utterly knobbish post.

Thanks to the rest of you for your input however.

Think I'm just gonna take it on the chin. Seems like a good excuse to get the car properly detailed and what not anyway.