Car Vandalism


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A lot of you will have heard of the NC500 which routes around the North Coast of Scotland our version of Route 66. Well during my trip I stayed a night at the Smoo Cave Hotel Durness.
Highly recommended, great food staff and accommodation.
Unfortunately the next morning I had noticed damage to my near side rear wing. I have cameras installed so on reviewing the footage it revealed the act was deliberate carried out by a member of the armed forces stationed at the Cape Wrath area. The person in question is a bomb disposal service man. This happened at 1.43am Sunday morning. He was urged on by his mates shouting "f**k the RS5 followed by two loud bangs and then cheers from the on lookers. The hotel owner on reviewing the footage contacted his bar staff whom confirmed the only customers at that time were the bomb disposal. I had the upmost respect for our armed forces but now this has sadly gone. Yes they have a tough job yes it's stressful but nothing gives them or anyone the right to vandalise someone's pride and joy. I worked hard offshore for over 25 years to purchase my dream car. Anyway enough said...evidence is with the police and a letter written to the MOD. Obviously they never noticed the help for heroes sticker on my window which has now been binned in utter disgust.


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Dreadful story; appalling behaviour, and you're right, the stresses of their job doesn't excuse criminal damage to personal property.


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Simple jealousy explain it all. Just because I envy and am jealous of any RS6 owner because it is my dream car, doesn't mean I will go past each one of them and key it or something.
Opposite, in fact. Will admire it and wish good luck to the owner.

As being said, there is no excuse to vandalism, regardless of life you living, job you having or problems might encountering.

Hope you'll het it sorted soon, bud.
All the best

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Absolutely disgusting behaviour. I hope you get a satisfactory result.


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If you have a copy of the video send it direct to the Officer in charge of the army base ,The culprits will get hung out to dry big time and you should not need the police to intervene .


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Shocking and very unexpected, I hope the CO gets him and makes him pay for that repair, the only way to "teach" some people!