Car Tracker Recommendations?


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I currently have a Tracker S5+ installed on my S7, its now coming up to 5 years old, and the reported battery level is <13%.

Subscription renewal is also due in one month, at £229 for a year.

On calling Tracker, they told me that my installed S5+ unit is now obsolete, and they no longer offer a battery replacement service (They did when I purchased it originally).

A replacement Tracker S5+ installed will cost £425 plus the years subscription, making a total of £654 :blink:

Price isn't particularly an issue, but just wondered if anyone has any alternative recommendations?

Should be Thatcham Approved (5S) with driver recognition fob, remote monitoring etc.

Also does any one have a picture of the latest Tracker S5+ drivers fob? The old one is quite unwieldy and doesn't fit in a wallet.

John :hi:


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I have a metatrak with the additional remote engine immobiliser and Id tags.
It cost somewhere around the £600 mark and that includes the £150 yearly subscription.
You miss out on the vhf network that tracker has but overall its great as you can remote immobilise the car if needed even if the Id tags are present.
I left the car running in the garage once with the engine running with no keys in and I got a call from the surveillance centre so I know that part works.


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Anyone have experience with systems that use your mobile phone as the driver tag?