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  1. Michael Paul shields

    Michael Paul shields Registered User

    Hi i have heard people talking about car sponsors can anyone tell me how to go about getting involved or where to start
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  3. Schizophonic

    Schizophonic Registered User

    what makes you stand out than any a3 owner?
  4. Michael Paul shields

    Michael Paul shields Registered User

    i have no idea lol
    I am a car spray painter working in a garage getting to take my homers in to my work to do but if things get busy i am thinking in opening up my own bodyshop and my car would be used as advertisement for my bodyshop so would want it to look good running at its best and be a head turner to get business in for my bodyshop:icon thumright::thumbs up:
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  5. teamspb

    teamspb Registered User

    TBH, best place to start is with a flawless paint job....

    Sponserships dont happen as often as you would think...lots of people just 'rep' garages/companies who help them...getting freebies out of companies isnt as easy as it once was

    The worst bit about most of it, is you will need a substancial following on social media...and I means thousands if not tens of thousands of people

    Be prepared for the big companies to already have a big social following too so I highly doubt they will give anything away for less than trade price

    These days, unless you are building something out there compared to the norm, or have built something so you are known by tons and tons of people...dont expect too much

    And being a bodyshop company, you also have to stand out compared to other 'flawless' paint jobs out there...you need to find a niche or something you are amazing at and can battle it with the best in the business....maybe something like custom arches, metal work, filling work, bodykits etc
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  6. DJAlix

    DJAlix VAG Car Coding™ Limited Site Sponsor Gold Supporter VCDS Map User VAG Can Professional ODIS (Offboard Diagnostic System)

    You are gonna find it hard to get a sponsorship deal with any company other than maybe a detailing one, basically because the main "go to" companies now lease their own vehicles and "build" them in house. You may be able to get discounted parts or services if you have a good social media following though. I sponsor a couple of cars on this basis.
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