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Car scene/forum members around Bristol?

Eren S3 Jun 14, 2018

  1. Eren S3

    Eren S3 Pretending to know what I'm doing. Team Dolphin Grey Silver Supporter Audi S3 Manual

    Hi all

    New(ish) to the forum but very new to the Bristol area after a recent relocation to Clevedon.

    A kind of stab in the dark post wondering about the car scene in general around the Bristol area such as meets or events etc if anyone knows of any. Coming from London there were lots of car park meets in the evening and those sorts of events which were usually quite good fun but aside from the bigger more organised meets that are advertised like Players or Japfest etc, is there much going on round here?

    One thing I haven noticed around here is quite a few modified cars which for a quiet area (for me at least) is quite nice. Anyone on here from around the area? I did see a grey 8L the other day and me being me I shot a cheeky nod and a wave in case it was someone from here :)

    Cheers all
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  3. NFox

    NFox S3 Black Edition Team Phantom Audi S3 Black Edition

    There is a bit of a scene in the area for sure. There are some more regualr morning breakfast meets including Queen Square (I no longer attend) but it is very popular and the second sunday of the month. You have haynes which is a bit of a drive first sunday of the month.

    In addition there is usually evening meets in Cribbs Causeway if thats more your thing but these type of get togethers attract a slightly different crowd. There is often adhoc meets in cheddar etc, it’s just really about keeping up to date with it all via facebook.

    One page that you may find useful is https://m.facebook.com/groups/824692414305731

    They try to cover most things that are going on.

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  4. Eren S3

    Eren S3 Pretending to know what I'm doing. Team Dolphin Grey Silver Supporter Audi S3 Manual

    Thanks for the reply!

    Glad to hear that there is actually a scene around here. I am used to some of the evening events in Hayes and areas around there. Would be nice to see what the equivalent is like here.

    I like the idea of the morning meets too, something a little different to what I'm used to but I'll keep up to date with that facebook page too, thanks for posting that!

    Thanks again :)
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