Car pulls to the right after Eibach install


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Hi guys,

I have 8p 1.9tdi FWD manual gearbox, sport suspension, with 60k miles on the clock, 75% done on highways. I never did optical alignment in 5 year ownership, cause car was driving perfectly straight.

Note: I live in Croatia so I drive on the right side of the road.

Then I decided to install -30mm Eibach springs (pro-kit). Nothing was changed on the car but the springs. But, after the springs installation, car started pulling to the right, which can be noted when I drive faster then 60-70mph (100+kmh).
A week after the springs installation I went to optical alignment, and guy told me that the front suspension was little bit open. I have the results of the alignment (before and after) and I can post those if you are interested.

But, after the alignment, car still pulls to the right :( I was on winter tyres which were old (but were driving perfectly straight, 225/45/R17), and after spring installation and optical alignment car was still pulling to the right...

Then I switched to summer wheels (225/40/R18) which are only 1 season old and have been driven for only around 2-3k miles, but still, cars pull to the right.

I'm starting to go crazy... Obviously something is wrong, but since so many people install eibachs I just don't get it whats wrong at my case :-/ Did anyone had similar experiences after lowering (H&Rs, Eibachs, or whatever)?

Any ideas what should I check, where to take my car to get this issue fixed? Money is obviously not a big issue here.


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When I had 35mm H&R's into my 8P I had no issues with pulling. I did get an alignment done straight after though but the 100 miles or so just before the alignment was fine.


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So, since I had issues before alignment and after it, it's probably something to do with springs or the installation method... :-/


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Did you install them properly? Obvious question but someone needs to ask it!


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Well, I did not install them my self, one competent mechanic did it in his shop, with my assistance. So, it's possible that something is off. What I'm most interested in is if this is something normal and expected when you install springs, or an unusual thing, and what are the most common mistakes that I should take a look at...