Car pulling to right when accelerating (solved)


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Just posting this in the chance it may help somebody searching!?… I detected the occasional knocking sound from the front end on my 2.0 Diesel but on inspection, with the wheels off the ground, id been unable to find any obvious cause. Rather than blindly and expensively swap out parts (track rods, top mounts, anti roll bar bushes and links, track control arms drive shafts, etc), I let the issue “develop”.

And develop it did. more recently, in addition to the knock Id been getting an odd sensation through the steering with the car drifting to the right under hard acceleration then drifting back to the left on lift off…. Time to investigate again.

With the car jacked up and the wheels off the ground, everything appears OK on the offside


NEARSIDE, The wishbone bush at the back is a common failure on these . Mine doesn't look too bad, I’ve certainly seen worse... there's no obvious movement from there... however, the leading bush is a different story with obvious play when moving the road wheel from side to side.


With the rear bush being a potential ticking time bomb I decided to replace the nearside arm and joints now rather than have to have to do it again down the line.

new wishbone ready to go on ...






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Wishbone removed and offending bush highlighted....


Despite the appearance, the joint would have been serviceable...had it not been cut to ease removal


Trip to Volksmaster for alignment on their Hunter Hawkeye 4 wheel alinement machine. Last here about 6 years and 48k miles



Pleased to report car now tracking straight and drivetrain shunt improved :D


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Oem parts or aftermarket, if latter where from?


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Got to love shiny new parts. Be nice if they stayed looking that way.

Makes me miss my old Lava grey A3:cry:
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