Car Park Noobs


People that sit in car parks with their indicator on because they can see someone that might be going to their car to leave thus holding up everyone else. Boils my blood. I managed to squeze past a clunge head doing this on Saturday, park up, pay the ticket and stick it inside the car by the time he'd even got out his parked car.

That's better.


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People that really hack me off are those selfish barstewards that park in parent & baby/child spaces when they dont have any kids on board ....just so they don't get any car park dings or are too frikkin lazy


Defo worth the wait :)
Didn't really care about this until recently when we had a child and it really pee's me off now seeing the Range Rovers and X5's swinging into the spot, without a child in sight!!!

Feel like just parking behind them to block them in!!!


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Along the same lines, there was a Bentley Continental parked in a disabled bay (no disabled badge, obviously) at the local Asda the other week - talk about being out of place...

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Yea it ****** me off too!

The other day I parked in a disabled bay and a oldish laddie came running over and started shouting at me, she soon stopped when she saw my friend with a broken leg, lol