Car not going into reverse smoothly


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I accidentally burnt the clutch last night. And when parking I couldn't go into reverse smoothly after this. However, this morning, I got in the car, checked online, one solution was pumping the clutch. After doing this there was zero problem with the car. I didn't try engaging reverse before pumping the car. May I ask why pumping the clutch is supposed to help?
I had just completed an oil and oil filter change last night and had the haldex changed a few days ago.
From this article, it looks like I have a bad clutch now:

I'm going to drive round the block to see if any issues arise.
If there are any issues I'll update here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The clutch is driven by a fluid cylinder. It's possible this has been damaged given what you've said about the clutch.

Pumping the pedal will help keep pressure higher - when the cylinders fail they leak and won't hold pressure hence pressing the pedal doesn't release the clutch.
If you're replacing the clutch you should do the cylinder anyway.