Car not boosting properly on VCDS


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Hi, can anybody give me a hint as to why my car seems to be overboosting according to VCDS, I used to get EML for overboost until the car was serviced but haven't had any issues for a good two months, but the car has seemed to slow down..

Also VCDS is saying it is misfiring, but haven't felt it.

Log taken in 3rd and 4th gear, I don't think it has been remapped or I haven't had it done yet anyway. only mods are forge TIP and s2000 filter


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I'm new to vcds too so not a great deal of help but according to the g/s calculation yours works out to 250bhp so I'd say yours has been re mapped


Gotta love Boost
Yeah I thought that too, but if VCDS is correct then its not producing anywhere near the right amount of torque for a mapped car