Car left for two 2 weeks - rumbling noises whilst breaking


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Hi Guys

Might be nothing be I left the car undriven for nearly 2 weeks and when I started driving the breaks sorted of sounded like they were grinding (in a blocked kind of way). There was also this rubbing noise from teh rear left (i think) when I started to move the car slowly.

It all kind of went away within a couple a minutes but it was quite a shock to me to be honest.

It hasn't come back for at at since that day so I'm kind of clueless.

Any views?



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Ah!! That makes sense and makes me feel better!

Should I have protected the discs in someway is should I be doing something now?

Tyler Owen

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just normal braking will sort it out!

no real way you can protect your discs from this sort of thing to be honest unless you want to go for a carbon fibre brake set up ....

Broken Byzan

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Unless you store the car in an air conditioned bubble, the moisture from the air will rust the clean shiney disc surface sadly


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Both would be outside of my capabilties so I guess it's outside of my control!

Thanks chaps - short and sweet!