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Car hit while parked

Cooper82 Sep 18, 2018

  1. Cooper82

    Cooper82 Member

    I haven’t yet made it a year since I got my license and my car got hit from behind by another vehicle while attempting to parallel park early morning. I wasn’t in but my dashcam saved the clip. I have watched the video last night and it was quite dark to see if there is any damage. It seems it was a minor bumper hit but need to check later on. On my way to work this morning I noticed a rattling noise for about 5 minutes that disappeared. I check under the car and nothing seems out of place.
    I guess I have 2 options, if there is no visible damage leave it as it or report it to their insurance.
    What pisses me off is that the driver just walked off without acknowledging what she has done.
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  3. Pinky1959

    Pinky1959 Well-Known Member

    If the dash cam got the registration number take the film into a police station and report the driver for leaving the scene of an accident or if possible find out where they live and call them and advise you are going to their insurance unless they pay for any damage.
    I would get the car checked up on a ramp at a good garage or the dealer where you got it before reporting it..
    Keep us informed .
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  4. Cooper82

    Cooper82 Member

    Thanks for that. Got the registration and managed to contact her insurance company as well. Over the weekend I had a look at the rear area and no visible damage took place, hoping no need to take it further as I am concerned it could increase my premium even if not at fault.
  5. BadBoyWhiteRaps

    BadBoyWhiteRaps Member

    Take it from me, it will. Even if you don't make a claim.

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