Car gone into limp mode


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Oct 2, 2012
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Just driving home and felt a lack of power then a yellow glow plug warning light started flashing at me. Took it to the local garage but their fully booked until Thursday. Not really sure what to do now. Any suggestions/ideas what could be the problem? I have a photo but the forum won't let me post it on tapatalk.
(09 a3 sline sport back)

Thanks in advance for any reply.
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Have you got breakdown cover, had than happen on a previous A4 I had. Turned out it was a faulty ignition coil, phoned up breakdown and they took me straight to a garage and had it replaced for just over £50

Hope its something as simple as that.
Hi mate. I just altered the original post as I found out what light it is. Sadly no brake down cover
If you can't get it into a garage until Thursday, ask a local VCDS user to come out to you and scan it. They may be able to find the problem, and it may be quicker and cheaper for you to get a part and fit yourself, especially if its something like coil packs/spark plugs.

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