Car Crash! Part compatibility advice needed


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Jun 20, 2010
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Hi all,
I've got a 2006 8p 3dr S-line Quattro 2.0tdi.

Unfortunatly after some ridiciously heavy rain, coupled with some blocked drains and a pitch black road. I managed to aquaplane my car into a kurb. Hard.

The offside (drivers) front wheel well is pretty much a write off, so looking for the replacement parts on these.

Having got hold of some exploded drawings from ETKA, i'm looking for what cars i can get the same wishbone etc from.

I basically need;
audi a3/vwgolf 2.0tdi N/S suspension leg complete (breaking parts) | eBay

Would i be able to get it from a 2wd car, are they the same on the front? Or will it be purely from a Quattro?