Car covers


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I'm sick to the back teeth of birds crapping on my car at work, so I'm thinking of buying one of these.
Anyone any experience/comments about these sorts of covers??
I've checked the dims of my car, this cover looks like it'll be quite snug, which I would think is preferable to being too large and flapping around.
Don't buy one of those cheap ones off eBay. The material they are made of isn't very breathable or durable. A mate of mine bought one for his motorbike and in hot weather the cover stuck to his car and made a mess of the paintwork on the fuel tank. He wasn't best please.

If you are going to buy a cover you are far better off with a fully breathable tailored fit cover - but they are £150 plus. I've got one for my Ibiza and one for my Speedster. Expensive, but worth it.