Car cover needed - recommendations?

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Hi guys. This is a bit of a strange one, but bear with me...

I use my car for my weekly work commute, but at weekends and during holiday periods it rests under our car port (essentially a garage without a door). Due to fire regulations I am unable to fit a door to the car port because it adjoins the house. Therefore I cannot make it completely enclosed. The problem is that when the car is in the car port, one of our cats continually climbs up the bonnet and onto the roof where he sits until we let him in the house. At which point he slides down the rear screen, down the boot and onto the ground. This makes me wince every time he does it for obvious reasons! In the wet weather he walks muddy sandy paws all over my paintwork. Not good.

So, I am wanting to buy myself a car cover that I can fit after washing the car on a Saturday morning or during holiday periods to protect it from the potential damage that the cat is inflicting. I would obviously only fit it immediately after cleaning the car. Although this won't solve the problem mid-week, it will at least minimise it.

Question is - can anyone recommend a good quality cover that will do less damage than a cat with muddy paws?

Please no suggestions of "cat removal" solutions. We've had that before on the forum and it wasn't pretty.
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