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Hi Guys

I have been more of a "background member" until now but really need your advice as you all seem a great bunch of guys.

My father won a car auction on ebay the other day for a Golf gt tdi. 2007 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GT SPORT TDI 170 GREY on eBay (end time 22-Mar-11 19:13:27 GMT)

Anyway we went down today and collected the car, and have returned from the 520 mile round trip. When we got in, my dad was looking at the mot certificate and noticed there was an advisory issued. So i went online to check the history and to my horror discovered that there was an mot certificate issued in August with 133000 miles on the car. The car is only showing 48000 miles and i HPI checked the car before we went to collect it with the report saying "No mileage discrepency is currently indicated by the national mileage register"

Now my question (obviously) is am i in and, ANY!!, position to sort this out? Doesnt offer some kind of insurace for this? Also ebay? The car was even provided with the service booklet stamped by dartford volkswagon for 16 and 38 thousand miles only and the 38 thousand mile service was on october 2010.

But then i did another hpi check on and this came up:

We have the following mileages recorded for this registration:
  • 132,723 miles recorded on 26 Aug 2010
  • 131,304 miles recorded on 16 Aug 2010
  • 118,227 miles recorded on 14 Apr 2010
  • 117,148 miles recorded on 6 Apr 2010
  • 110,560 miles recorded on 11 Feb 2010
  • 108,207 miles recorded on 29 Dec 2009
  • 97,875 miles recorded on 28 Sep 2009
  • 80,203 miles recorded on 11 May 2009
  • 78,757 miles recorded on 20 Apr 2009
  • 76,038 miles recorded on 7 Apr 2009
  • 58,778 miles recorded on 14 Nov 2008
  • 39,185 miles recorded on 25 Jun 2008
  • 20,523 miles recorded on 1 Feb 2008
Any help appreciated.

PS i have a 2002 s3, that is why you guys are unlucky enough to be reading this :)


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no, i Had to put the car mileage (48000) In to it, and the report came back saying that there was no mileage descrepancy registered with the nmr

What also didnt ring any bells is that the car was in great condition. The interior had no signs of wear whatsoever and there were minimal stone chips on the bonnet/bumper.
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very wierd, hpi are usually pretty good. best thing you can do is contact hpi and see where you stand. do you have evidence of the hpi report? e.g printout? if so this will help a possible claim.


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Yes i have the report they emailed me With the mileage and their "nothing wrong with that" statement. I will give them a phone in the morning. So gutted. Whats the chances that this is all a big misunderstanding?!


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so if i understand it right you do not get a history of dates and mileages if they state there is no discrepency in the mileage, but if there is they give you all the history they have.
It is strange how one hpi co. gave you different info to another providing they did state they were checking against the NMR.
Could it have been an extra service/amount to check against the nmr on the first check and all it was telling you was that the milegae was reasonable for that year of car ?
With the vin number I think you can get MOT details of the car (mileage & advisers) for the last few years on the govt. co web site.
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well 50/50 chance really. the MOT certificate can only have the vehicles mileage on it from the time of MOT. to get it that wrong is quite rare. especially with the second hpi check you carrired out that matched the MOT certificate.


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oh and report it to VW , not that they would probably do anything about it even though they will state ...we take this sort of thing very seriously !
I know as it nearly happenned to me when attempting to buy my first S3. Defintely dodgy paperwork, Audi's record did not show matching history, but the service book proved the mileage. gave them the dealership , the car , the owner - ****** all happenned.


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Trader or private?....eitherway scream at them and see how it goes...its fraud at the end of the day right..?


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or a nicked car on cloned plates...


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The check was with only one level of check for £20.50

Before we bought the car, it asked to enter the following details from it...


And further down the same report from above...


Il give them/the 'seller', ebay, NPYD, NASA etc a call today and see where i stand with this nightmare!