Can't find a car anywhere


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Jul 15, 2008
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Been looking for 2 weeks now and no joy. :(

If anybody sees a 1.8TQS for under 3k, let me know. Can anybody recommend a good place to look? I try eBay, Autotrader, Gumtree, Friday Ad, Pistonheads... Nothing good ever comes up. :(

Getting car sick now. A different kind of car sick. :p
your looking in all the right places,its just a matter of time for the right car to come up,buy an old banger for about £200 to get you by while you wait for the right car
Have you looked at cars just above your price point.... and seeing if anyone will accept an offer down to what you can afford ?
Does this sound like a good deal...

- 1.8TQS
- '99 V-reg
- 82k miles
- 12 months MOT
- 3 months tax
- Cambelt done at 79k
- Refurbished wheels
- Stainless exhaust

All for £2,500. A little more than I wanted to pay but it looks very good on paper. No history regarding control arms though. Are these a problem on the 1.8TQS or facelifts in general or did they fix them on the later cars?
oil pump in last 300 miles ? That to me says it's had an oil problem (usual 1.8T oil pickup issues ?) and it's not fixed it and wanting to get rid ?