Cant believe its not fixed


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So my rear washer b6 avant packed up, i filled the bottle but nothing coming out. Right I think, I wonder if this is like my SEAT leon where the pipe fitting blew in the sill. So i give it a long squirt and next there is fuid pouring out the tailgate. A quick net search later transpires this is a common failure. I cant believe how inept Audi is in not dealing with this problem in the vw audi group, a quick bodge with zip ties after a total PITA removal of the rear trim and its fixed until the next joint blows I guess. :banghead:


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i have had the same problem ..... 3 times!

i was driving down to birmingham last week when i heard a loud POP and then could hear water gushing inside the car. (was louder than the usual wash wipe)
i had just recently fixed it using a mini jubilee clip but the water was coming half inside half outside this time. seems the jubilee clip was keeping the fitting on the pipe but since the pipe was mis shaped it was not a 100% seal.

i used some plumbers tape for sealing pipe joints and used cable ties to hold it on a bit tighter. its holding for now, but i have to adjust my jets to spray at the top of the window as its only getting the part near where the wiper is pivoting.

i really hope i dont have to fix it again, because the more i take the boot lining off, the more i think im gonna break something!