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Can this be done?

maxpayne Sep 24, 2018

  1. maxpayne

    maxpayne Active Member


    Having just sold parts for double DIN conversion (that I had gathering dust), and immediately regretting the move (after spotting a good deal on a flagship Pioneer CarPlay SatNav unit) I'm thinking of ordering the parts again for a DD conversion (no pun intended haha).

    When I researched the DD conversion last for the Audi A3 8P (I have the pre-facelift 2005 S-Line model), there were three possibilities for the hazard switch bank. The most recent revision (see photos below) In my opinion was the nicest looking however had a different pin layout, unlike the mid revision (which looked like the latest revision, but still had individual buttons that didn't align properly and looked awful in use) or the first revision, with the old style chunky switches (which is what I ordered).

    Question is, has anyone done/attempted to use the latest revision switch bank successfully on older cars?
    Would love to know!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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