Can the S3 back bumper fit in the Audi A3 8P - 2005

Oct 22, 2006
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Hello guys,

I currentely own an Audi A3 2.0TDi 140Bhp with S-tronic and S-line SportPaket Plus. I have done the S3 fron conversion and i can say i'm very pleased with the results :). Now i would like to convert the back side of my Audi A3 to that of the S3. Does any one know if these parts fit?
Currently i know that need the following parts:
- 8P3807303B GRU
- 8P3807434G 1RR

If you want to see pictures with my car please visit the following link:

Also i would like to change my halogen lights with a brand new pair of Bi-Xenon OEM head lights, do i also need to change anything elese?

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Bumper will fit no problem however your exhaust might rub slightly. A little trim with a dremel will sort it.

Not sure about the lights! But I assume your S3 front has the headlight washer holes? If so then you will need the washers for a full OEM job.
Hello again,

Why do you say that will rub a bit? If so i can put the back of the S-line from 2006 onwards, can anyone please give me the codes of the S-Line bumper from 2006 for A3 2.0tdi with 2 doors?

Thank you
S line will fit fine no problems

S3 has a different exhaust set up to the rest of the range so your exhaust may catch slightly on the edge of the S3 valance.
does audi s3 2008 apron fits an audi a3 2004 ?

which is the code for that part of the spoiler with gray plastic ?