CAN signal Baud Rate?

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I'm trying to figure out what the baud rates are for the CAN signals from the steering wheel and the volume and track forward/back on the center console. Does anyone know of this information or know of someone that might have some technical information.

I've tried baud rate 500kbs and that shows a bunch of activity but nothing that controls the steering controls. When I tried 800, that sometimes would close the MMI screen randomly.



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I've not sniffed the MQB platform yet, but previous generation had Powertrain CAN at 500kbps and Body(Convenience) and Infotainment CAN at 100kbps.

This may be different with MQB.

What are you using to sniff?


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I tried 100kbs and it didn't really register anything. Looks like the information on the Russian site is all dated prior to 2008 but states the 8V chassis. The russian PDF seems to be not working.

I bought a joycon EXc that can read can signals and turn into keyboard presses so I can control my android stereo. I want to use the "NAV" button on the wheel to open my waze app and the * button to skip tracks. If I long press Nav, I would have it go to my Music application. if I long press * I'd want that to open google voice search.

Currently I'm using another reader from however it only reads volume +/- and the volume button press. Its working somewhat, but it mutes the sound every time I need to press the button. I've tried looking in their firmware files to see if it states anything of baud rates but no luck.

From the one PDF for 2008 prior vehicles, looks like Audi is using LIN, but only for the HVAC controls. Guess this is the reason why there isn't any steering wheel control boxes out there since most can't crack this new canbus code.
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K translated the russian document via States that for 2013 VW Golfs (basically same car) the baud rate is 500KBS.

"Innovation in the Golf 2013 is a wiring diagram multifunction steering wheel to the network.
If until now the control unit multifunction steering wheel J453 was subordinate
device on the bus LIN (LINSlave) unit steering column J527, it is now as
slave devices via the LIN bus is connected directly to the diagnostic interface bus
data J533. As shown in the diagram of the network connection, the signals of the multifunction steering wheel,
as before, passed through a spiral cable and the steering column block (but only
for technical reasons, as through a conductor). No functional effect on the signal there
not provided."
Just now need to figure out the LIN stuff from Can signal 500KBS. J453 to main unit j533 master.

Not really sure what I need to do next, but I'll keep playing around with the signals at the 500K and hopefully make some sense out of it all. Really is a tiny tiny needle in a haystack!
Bringing this back to life as I have another project. So I wasn't able to figure out the steering wheel controls as I think its because it works on Lin 2.0 and the Joycon reads up to Lin 1.2.

Now I'm trying to figure out, can I tap into the powertrain canbus signal and just hook that up directly to a BT OBD reader and it would work? Currently the OBD port is being used by the JB4 unit, but I still would like to get OBD information to use applications such as Torque. Looking into it, I cannot use a OBD splitter with two simultaneous devices as that would screw things up. However not sure if I could find the powertrain canbus wires and and directly connect it to an OBD reader or ELM327 device and it works.

I'm immediately thinking it won't as the OBD works as "ask for information" and then the OBD responds with the requested PID information. Anyone have any knowledge of how to get OBD type information out of canbus wires?