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Can Recommend this chap in East Yorkshire for Valeting

Neil Woodburn Jun 14, 2018

  1. Neil Woodburn

    Neil Woodburn Active Member

    I don't usually praise companies but I get both our Audi's Valeted by Richard at WhyQueue - a one man band ( assisted by his wife if a Motorhome ) . Based in Pocklington near York and does area to Hull.
    Check his FB Page to see range of clients from Bentley's to anything.
    Does Office Visits or Home.
    I work abroad so A6 sits in drive for 3 months so he does a Mini Valet on that and a Standard Valet on wife's A1 once a month then when I am home I do all the cleaning so he is very flexible to what I want.

    Started using him after the local Speedie wash scratched the A1's and don't mention the Audi Dealer who is banned from Washing anything !

    Like to use local companies keeping local people in work.



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