can i really beat my comparison site quote?????


insurance shopping is quite depressing.

currently looking on comparison sites, to be precise as its been the best one.

for the record im 23, only been driving 3 years, have 2 ncb, and the car is an 8l S3.
best quote so far has been £1078, fully comp, 8000 miles per year (hopefully) with admiral.
comparing this to last years premium of just over £2000 and its excellent! i cant complain. But, can i get any better?!

ive discovered that the only variable affecting the cost is mileage. i had heard that changing your occupation slightly, for example if your a manager, instead state normal staff, so not changing it so much that its invalid, that this can alter the price, but ive not seen this.

my question is are the comparison sites really that competative? or will i find phoning around, speaking directly with companies and being competitive more effective in reducing my premium?

im going to try phoning a couple tomoro(sunday) hopefully some offices are open.

thanks for any advice and input based on your experiences.



the above quote was with my mum added. i've just added my dad too and its lowered it £41 while also reducing the excess by £250. not bad at all, especially given that my dad is a mechanic, he gets stung for it usually.


going to admiral direct, and they want a further £150 more. comparison site wins that one


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Have you tried


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A3 2.0TDI 140 Sline 2010, I used a company called call connection Home Page | Call Connection They seem to beat all the time with me. Im with aviva cost me £1200 a year at 22 year old. Mind i have 9 points which doesnt help :3sadwalk:


i did try other comraison sites yeh, as many i could think of, and generally was cheaper. i think this may be because i got my last policy through them, who knows.
anyway just settled on a quote with admiral, cover starts tomorow. its not the cheapest at £1037 but it offers loads of cover, all legal cover, courtesy car, windscreen etc, and has a lower excess than the cheaper quote. for an extra £50 on the premium ive reduced the excess by £250, which is definately worth it. covers starts tomoro morning :) im fairly happy with it.


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I was about 30% cheaper than comparison sites with Aviva this year. Might we worth checking them out?


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It's a bit late now but Admiral multi-car if you still live with your parents is the best i've found.

I'm 20 with a 99' S3, 3 years NCB and my quote is £900 with declaring my mods: new induction inc TIP and Cone with a new exhaust and 007p. It also saved my mum £25 on her cooper s, could be worth a try for anyone looking. The other good thing is that I earn the no claims on my car and she earns them on her's, we are both insured on mine but just her on the mini so it is fully customisable to suit anyone :)
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Ive also find that if you knock say £25-£50 off you current best quote and ask you current insurer to match it or you will move they usually match it or better it,they very rarely check the best quote you give them, but thats in Northern Ireland and ive been with my current insurer for 5 years, worth a try though :thumbsup: