Can I get away with these....?


Shuddup Foooool!!
19" 8.5j et 42

Seen some alloys im liking but not sure if these will poke out a little too much.
What would be the recommended tyres? 235/55?


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Assuming you have 225/40x18 on 7.5J ET 51 currently then the new wheel/tyre combo will stick out a further 21.7mm.

You may be better off with 19" 8.5J ET48 which will poke out a further 15.7mm. This is quite a popular size on the forum.


Shuddup Foooool!!
Sorry typo, I should have put 35 profile!
Cheers Rob, you are right after doing some deeper research....back to the drawing board, dont fancy that much poke.