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Can I change media screen & add camera?

Mikeysmiffy2408 Apr 3, 2018

  1. Mikeysmiffy2408

    Mikeysmiffy2408 New Member

    New to the world of Audi, I have just picked up my new 64 plate A7 black edition (facelift model with 272bhp). Initial impression is WOW!!! what a machine...especially in dynamic mode. I want to upgrade a few things but official replies from Audi UK are very discouraging. I want to upgrade the media screen to a bigger one and add a reverse camera (it is a big old beast after all) but Audi have said neither is possible. However there are videos on the net showing how to replace a screen and companies out there that can add a camera (albeit at a cost). Interested to hear if anyone else has tried these mods with any success. I know there will he a cost (especially for the camera) but prepared to fork out to improve on what is nearly perfect. Also would like to know if swapping the boot lights for LED is possible as these are quite dull. Thanks guys.
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  3. Adrian chandler

    Adrian chandler New Member

    Hi mikey I don’t know my self but these guy seem too know these vag stuff and do a lot of retrofitting
  4. Mikeysmiffy2408

    Mikeysmiffy2408 New Member

    Thanks Ady. Had seen these in a quick internet search but will have a more thorough internet browse soon.
  5. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S7 A7 Owner Group Black Edition

    You can add a reversing camera. I did on my A7, and in my opinion it’s essential given the size of the car and limited view out the back window. When I bought my first A7 I negotiated it’s installation as part of the deal. Cost was £900 installed on the receipt.

    The parts often come up on eBay, so I’d keep an eye out on there. You can also buy a kit from the likes of https://www.kufatec.de/shop/en/audi/a7/4g. You can also find the larger screen with those guys, but I’m not 100% sure if it also needs an updated MMI, with Black Edition, you may already have the larger screen.

    LEDs can be upgraded, you just need one’d that work with Canbus. eBay is a good source, very easy diy.

    There are a few software related modifications you can do, but you need the likes of VCDS or Carista to enable. A google search will tell you about those.

    Audi will not assist with any non-standard modifications, however there are plenty of people on here who can help.

    Welcome to the forum by the way :racer:

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