Can anyone retrofit cruise control to 8p s3?


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Jul 13, 2014
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Hi guys,
As title says can anyone retrofit cruise control to my 8p s3 sportback? If so what parts do I need?
Ideally I want someone to give me a fixed price, I drop my car off and it get done.
Hi matt, yes I can definitely offer a supply/fit solution, please pm me with location etc, thanks
Hi nhn I'm still lookin at having mine done and a few other bits and bobs can you pm me please
Ron where r u based? U up north near Manchester by any chance?
Get the individual parts, put aside an hour or two and do it yourself.

It's very easy, just a bit fiddly.
Wouldn't know where to start or what parts I need though
Basically, all you'll need parts wise is the stalk and lower cowling. Unsure of what part numbers now are as they have probably changed since I did mine, but a quick google or someone on here should be able to tell you.

Once you know, just follow this guide which is really good and the one I followed.
There are many eBay packages online for cruise control kits that use genuine parts.
Yeah saw the very same .... Seems cheap ... Been quoted £200 in past ...
Ye £150 fitted on huddersfield which is only an hour from me. Even better
Yeah Im in the Hudd too .... Oh your not... I get you now ... Even better this for me cheers
Only worry is though, are they using genuine parts?
£220 for s3 from hudds. Spoke to him earlier. It's FROM £150 lol
"Hi £225 fitted. Brand new Genuine Audi
Parts, 12 month warranty. "

Thats the email Ive just got .... TDI Sportback 2011
Just to mention, although it will be in the thread about fitting cruise control, that as well as fitting the parts you will also need to get it coded to the car to get the cruise control to work. This requires either finding someone local to you who has vcds, purchasing it yourself (what I did) or getting in coded by your local audi dealer.
Hope this helps
Can pick lower cowling up on eBay for less than £20 and then just need the stalk, and as said, coding with VCDS.

I could fit this for people if they got the parts first, however I always had a problems removing the ESP fault from my car so I don't want to risk not being able to fully sort it :sorry:
I used OEM Retrofits from Bradford. I'm in Leeds so they travelled to me and did the work on my car whilst it was in my car park at work. Took them about 20 minutes and cost £220. Nice guys and very friendly.:icon thumright: