Can anyone point me in the direction of this iPod holder?

Excellent, thank you both for the help!
I had this variant in my A3:

Brodit #653991 Audi A3 ProClip Dashmount

It also worked well, and the Brodit stuff is good quality :)

I do like the functionality of sitting it there but it ruins the symmetry of the Audi Concert which is a silly reason but its enough to put me off! Whereas if it's down by the gear stick its almost out of sight out of mind!

How easy are the holders to change? Say I want one for my iPod Classic and one for my iPhone, is it just a case of detaching one and reattaching the other? or are they fixed onto the mount?
The ones for specific phones are screwed onto the mount, so not overly easy to change.

You could get an adjustable holder to fit both devices and then you wouldn't have to change it over.
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£15 for the mount but £40 for the holder! I can see where they're making the money! :crying: