Can anyone help with part numbers?


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Hi to all,i have performed a scan with vcds and it has come up with 6 fault codes on my a4 2001 2.5tdi 180 q.
some i have managed to locate while others not:-

code 00553 (G70)
code 00523 (G42)
code 01441 (G210)

i roughly know what the fault is but i cannot find the individual vag part numbers for these components so i can simply just replace the parts

p.s. it also came up with 00550 check tdi timing what does this mean and how do i alter/check /test it?
Cheers Rob
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G210 is the Fuel Level Sender - is this the same as the fuel gauge sender unit?

G42 is the Intake Air Temp (AIT) sensor - I think this is incorporated into the MAF but I'm not 100%.

G70 is the MAF itself - ETKA shows the Air Volume Meter as 059 906 461M


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Cheers qj for the response,i have no idea if the ait is embedded into the maf or even if the fuel sensor is part of the float device,i've ordered a new sender for the fuel just in case.
Does anyone know where i can get hold of a maf sensor for reasonable money,a second hand unit will do but how can you tell if they are toast?