Can anyone help me!


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Recently my grandad passed away so me and my dad have got the job of selling his car for my nan.
Trouble is neither of us know much about it at all and havnt got a clue what its worth as we cant find anouther one for sale like it.

Its a Mitsubishi Colt Galant 1600 GL
Manufactured on 31st December 1982
and its had 2 previous owners from new.

Its done 64,000 miles, genuine
with full service history, mots etc to prove

Immaculate condition inside, under the bonnet is all tidy too just need a good clean and the outside is very good for the age, with just a little bit of surface rust on rear arches.
Looks like a fair dent in the back too!
Oh and its got chrome hub caps (not pictured)

Heres a few pictures, needs a good wash









Dont realy know anything else about it!! Can anyone help with price etc..



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Sorry to here what has happend.

Is there any Mitisubishi Forums that you could post up on, all forums tend to have an old school following some might me insterested in it.


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Im not sure on value im afraid, but it could be worthwhile having a look on websites such as this:

It'd be a shame to just sell it for £100 or so to some1 that wont appreciate it


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My mother had a similar car ie old but with a low mileage one previous owner full service history etc it was a 1990 toyota corolla imaculate inside and pretty good outside all she got was £450.

Seems nobody wants old cars now all the kids get a loan for something newer so I'd try £500 and see what happens.


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thanks guys, will try some other forums too

yeh not realy bothered about the money, just need to get rid of it, dont want to let it go for peanuts just so some sod can make a few quid on it as my nan could probably use the money. again i dont want to advertise it for more than its worth and be stuck with it!! lol