Cambelt kits - best place to buy?


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Just bought my audi and I cant find a reciept for a cambelt change.

Thing is he informed me he got it done but I dont believe him.

Where should I buy and what cost am I looking at?

mike foster

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Audi or independent VAG specialist.

Make sure you replace the water pump at the same time. Otherwise when that goes you'll need to do the whole thing again.

Cambelt/water pump change costs about £350 ish from an indie.


Trade Parts Specialists if you know someone in the trade. The BONUS here is all parts are guaranteed for 12months and IF they fail they cover the labour to put it right!!

If your NOT in the trade either PM stoke_audi guy or search for GSF (German Swedish and French) but phone your local and ask for genuine parts ONLY.


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