Cambelt fair price?


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Had a quote via warrington audi for I think it was 439, is this a fair price? I'm guessing it includes water pump too but not 100% as I didn't ask.


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It probably doesn't include the water pump as you didn't ask for that as well.


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Go to a decent independent mate, be much cheaper.

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Seeing as your in Warrington why not get in touch with awesome gti, I've was quoted £330 for Cambelt kit and waterpump by awesome, so quite a bit cheaper.


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£439 is the fixed price servicing price so definetly doesn't include a water pump, another £100 for that as well iirc. By the time you've had an aux belt and tensioner too it not quite so reasonable.


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Warrington Audi quoted me £529 without water pump so you have a good deal by their standards, but I went with Awesome gti for the £330 last year, the same as turbojay was quoted.


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£330 sounds a good price I payed that in Plymouth with water pump and all oem parts at pro tyre.


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Water pump is an extra £80-£100. Worth haggling though, I got Doncaster Audi down to £420 incl. the pump and promptly wished I'd started at 350 it was that easy to get a deal!

Was worth the few quid extra for me, just for that stamp in the book.


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I hear bad things about awesome other than one mechanic that's from JVW, but I guess it's probably just Chinese whispers


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Yeah about £330 incl VAT for cambelt and auxillary belt, new pulleys and water pump is a fair price from Indy.
Audi normally do pulley and cambelt only, then charge extra for aux belt and water pump.