Cam belt time? . . Use new engine mount bolts!!!


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Recently, this happened:

Originally I thought one of the engine mount bolts had worked loose resulting in the engine mount moving and hitting the tensioner, a broken block and later went on to discover it had some how lost timing meaning bent vales and a head re-build. . . Expensive stuff if you're not capable of tackling it your self!

When I came to put the car back together a few weeks ago I'd found that the bolt had actually snapped! . . Here's the offending culprit next to a healthy bolt:

I know it's recommended to replace the bolts every time they're removed but I'd imagine very few people actually do, including independent garages. But as you can see, it could save you a hell of a lot of bother! . .

So basically, if you're doing it your self, use new bolts and if it's an independent garage doing it make sure they use new bolts!


IM one of those people that haven't bothered. This has changed my mind

thanks for the heads up.

to be honest i was aware its recommended to replace them but im an ignorant *** that thought 'ahh it will be ok'


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Mate, you are most definitely not the only one... In fact I'd say you're among the majority.

Even Mr Tuft, the most anally retentive bloke on the forum (I'm sure he won't mind me saying), has only recently got round to changing his for the first time. . .

For the sake of a tenner or so it could save a whole world of bother

flying oyster

flying oyster
is there a part number for these bolts my local audi said there 5 variables really need to fit fit my new mounts


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I snapped two earlier this year, after re-using them half a dozen times. Luckily I got away with minor damage, but I quite quickly replaced them all afterwards


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Aux belt tensioner need to come off to access these bolts? Anyone got a part number for these puppies?


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