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Cam belt change

mattyy May 30, 2019

  1. mattyy

    mattyy Registered User

    Hi guys,

    Looking to order up a kit to get my cam belt changed.

    I have priced up parts from TPS and for a complete kit, plus damper and water pump its £215 inc VAT.

    ECP do the INA kit and I can include a genuine pump from TPS for £160 inc VAT (https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/...6b44e8cd59773127ed53b51017b5be2b471bb5&000336)

    Or there's a full GATES kit with everything on eBay for £106

    Obviously don't mind spending the money but I'd rather not pay double the price if I won't see any benefit from it.
    What are peoples recommendations?
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  3. AlexA4Avant

    AlexA4Avant Registered User

    My personal opinion after my tfsi engine broke by genuine or buy twice as the quality will be there as your running a unnecessary risk in my opinion for Chinese copies that my or may not hold up. If it goes wrong you can pop to TPS with your receipt and get a new one or they can cover some of the damage costs if other components end up damaged because one part failed.

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  4. Method

    Method Registered User


    I changed mine last summer. I used the Gates kit with water pump. Working perfectly. My Gates part number: KP25491XS. It is better to buy a local dealer because if u got something problem with it, then so much faster to solve the problem.

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