Cam Belt change? when and do I need one?


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Hi, please can someone help.
I bought my Audi A6 (53 reg) 2.5 TDI V6 at around 65k miles. I now have 82k on the clock and am not sure if it needs a cam belt change or not as I keep getting different opinions. and at the moment feel as if I am driving a ticking time bomb!!

Can someone calrify it needs a cam belt change and if so anyone can recommend someone competitive in the surrey/london/hampshire area.

thanks. :icon_thumright:


First of all, welcome to the Forum
At this age and mileage, a cambelt change is one of your first priorities.
A cambelt change is due at 60K or 80K miles or 4 years.
There are a couple of specialists in your area.
Below are some I find in surrey.
If you do a search under Audi in Surrey or wherever you live at , I am sure you will find one quite close to where you live.


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For hampshire there is also SJB auto tech just done mine at 384 including water pump which went southon mine so i had the belt done anyway.

he is in basingstoke on 01256 477411 ask for jim.

as mavala says get it done and the water pump. as that probably runs from the cam belt and they do go as a matter of coare and can snap the cambelt if they sieze then your talking serious money. the parts are about 20 - 30 quid. plus halfhours labour with a cambelt change if the v6 petrol is similar to the diesel in its layout.



Agree, you need to do it now and get all the belts and the pump done at the same time. Cost me 499 for the whole lot.


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Thanks guys, will get onto it straight away and hopefully have it done this week.

What are the chances of it going anytime soon or is there no time frame?

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How long is a peice of string!?

Mine needs doing and I am worried about it, 55K and 8 years old this year. Like you say ticking time bomb. I just cant afford it, Audi servicing compared to other marques is a JOKE!!!!!


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right I have done a bit of research. Cam belt costs £27.50 plus VAT, Water pump costs £26.50 plus VAT.

Does anyone know if I would require a Cam Belt Kit as apposed to just a cam belt for an A6 (53 model)?



please speak slowly so i'll understand !
i just got my timing belt done it was @ 88k and i got the kit just as well i did as the idler pulleys were gubbed !


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get the full kit including tensioners and idler pulleys.

I had an ideler pully go noisey 2 weeks after the cambelt and tensioners were changed


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Try doing a search on ebay for Audi + Cambelt a couple Audi dealers do a package which is quite a lot cheaper and you get the all the benefits of using an Audi dealer.