CAM Belt Change for s3 8p


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Hi all,

apologies if this gets asked regularly, I done a search and some of the threads were quite old.

my car is due for its five year cam belt change, and I have been quoted £420 from Audi. The other threads I have seen seem to be a tad cheaper and also has the water pump replaced for the same price.

would it be worth going to a independent mechanic for this? Or would you guys recommend going to Audi? I have been to Audi Bedford once for a service and was very impressed with them.



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Phone around dealers mate, at least it will be warranted for 2 years, parts minimum & there are some shoddy indy's out there that dont do things properly.


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there are some shoddy indy's out there that dont do things properly.

I can vouch for this statement, had my engine come off its mounts and drop through the bottom of the car after having mine done. Never again.


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In my opinion, I would go to a reputable specialist. Will be cheaper, will more than likely use genuine parts.


£420 from Audi is a good price, Wimbledon Audi quoted me over £600.. Which dealership quoted you that?


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tbh if you have a garage that you can trust and know they do work upto audi standard personally, then go for it. otherwise stick to audi for it :)


I had my water pump done with my cambelt too.
Is that included in your price?
Seems pretty cheap for a main dealer for some reason.


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Its £429 on the fixed price servicing for car over 3 years old but i'm pretty sure thats only to change the cambelt kit, no water pump and no aux kit.

I need to get mine sorted soon so i'd like to know whats included, i'll ring coventry audi tomorrow and find out.


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Local Indy using genuine Audi parts:

Cambelt kit,Water pump and Alternator belt change is £330.00 including parts,labour and vat.


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I'd find a well recommended independent if I were you, I also paid £330 for cambelt kit and water pump.

Warrington Audi wanted £529 for just the cambelt change, and that was a "very good special offer which they have for a limited time"


I think I paid £600 for mine including a major service too at an Indy garage, would have been a £1000 just under at audi