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Cab Chrome Trims Removal?

vwnutant Aug 27, 2014

  1. vwnutant

    vwnutant Member

    Hello all ,

    I got my car and two days later the plastic upper off the chrome trim flew off on the motorway !?......thought nothing off it until I rang the dealer who said it was part of the trim!?....£500+ vat ....wanted to kick his head in ! ....anyhow managed to get another off ebay and today plucked up the courage to swap them.....except its a pita to do !....and ended up CRACKING my windscreen!!!?....and then to top it off coolant flange on way home coolant all over>!....

    ANYHOW , do you have to remove the side trims in order to get the top piece off?.....there must be lots of people who have done it ?.....or when I claim for the window will they just have to do it anyhow?


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