C7 remap ??

Steve B

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hello all,
Just taken delivery on my 62 reg A6 black S line.

It's fantastic, great drive and looks.

It's the 2lt TDI 177 bhp, I'm thinking about a remap, local to me is a centre that remaps using "Evoution" they claim approx a 45 BHP gain for approx £350.

Has anyone got any comments on this process or company, would like some feedback prior to putting my car under the knife !!

Thanks Steve


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Don't know if it helps but my old man has got a DTUK box on his 63plate 2.0 TDi 177bhp a6. It's transformed the car. I believe his words were " it pulls your foreskin back now" and he's gets an average of 10mpg more and the box is still set on 0. Dunno what it will be like if he put it to +3.
Hope this helps mate


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I also have a DTUK systems (3rd one) and have also had remaps when I was in motor sport, but if you just want fast road then a DTUK system is a better bet AND it can be taken off any time and will NOT be traced when going in for VAG service, remaps may leave a checksum trace error. If so this will go straight to the service records and ANY warranty issues will be negated. ..........................

Paul @ Unit 9 Remaps

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hi where are you located' we are North East based and could help

Steve B

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Thanks for the comments and advise guys, I'm based near sunny Portsmouth on the south coast.
My local garage Auto-barn do the remap, I trust their service as they have looked after my cars for many years.
trouble is, the car actually feels quick anyway at the moment so might leave it for a bit..,,?????

just not sure.

really please with the car, money well spent !!



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Get the effect of a remap for free by putting the car into "efficiency mode" for a while then put it into "dynamic" mode