c7 - b8 avant 3.0 quattro??


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I am obviously very new here i have been reading some articles but i haven't really found out what i am looking for, i was just looking for some advice over the c7 is a 3.0 quattro s tronic or the b8 is a 3.0 quattro manual, ive viewed the c7 yesterday and im on my way to view the b8 but i can not decide what would be better or reliability etc, any information you guys can provide will be brilliant on a short time scale as the garage needs to know if i want the c7 by end of work today.

*i currently do 500+mile round trips every weekend/every other, so lots of motorway miles*

not sure if ive posted this in the right place or not please excuse my ignorance

i also posted this in the c7 forum not sure where to post