C7.5 vs C8


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Nov 7, 2018
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Hey folks,

Looking at buying either a C7.5 or C8 A7 (maybe A6 depending on budget and spec etc) but debating the costs and wonder if any of you had some thoughts/experience with both of them. Right now with used cars being a bit expensive, I can find a good spec C7.5 for about £26k vs a £32-33k C8. Is, in your guys' opinion, the C8 worth 6k more and should I just do that over a C7.5 or just stick with the latter.
I really like the C8 styling both outside and in, but also like the exterior of the C7.5 (interior looks a little dated when compared to each other but still quite like it) so still unsure which is the better buy.

I plan on keeping it for a good number of years so not sure if the faster depreciation of the C8 should be taken into account as well. Any opinions would be great


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Mar 12, 2010
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I’ve had my C7.5 S7 since new, and have looked at the C8 a few times, and while I love the technology, including the dynamic lighting, the whole “glass cockpit” (other than the actual dash) puts me off.

From being a finger print magnet to touch sensitive - which needs to be looked at to operate - I’m not sure how I would get on with day to day driving without getting distracted!

Also there is nothing to really distinguish the C8 models from each other, they’ve all become a bit clone like from the front. I still look back at my S7 and it still brings a smile to my face.

The only C8 I would jump into without hesitation would be the RS7, but the wallet says no!