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C6 A6 3.0TFSI Tiptronic map

rich764089 Nov 6, 2020

  1. rich764089

    rich764089 Registered User

    I have just bought a C6 A6 3.0TFSI with 6-speed tiptronic box. The hesitation/lag with the Tiptronic is pretty bad, especially from standstill/low speed. I assume this is the box rather than just throttle response, although there does seem to dead play in the top of the accelerator pedal as well?

    I'll be going MRC stage 2 on the engine in a couple of months and will get the TCU remap. I think a TCU remap from MRC will massively reduce problem I have, can anyone confirm? Otherwise the car might be moved on again fairly quickly!

    Thanks in advance.

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